3 Hour Workshops

Playing with Paintstiks!

Shiva Paintstiks are an oil paint product in crayon-like form. They offer the quilter many opportunities for adding pizzazz to their fabrics. We will discuss their many uses from creating and enhancing designs to covering boo-boos. Students will explore the use of different kinds of templates and rubbing plates. Class kit fee: $10 includes use of Paintstiks and supplies


Introducing Color Sticks!

This is a technique-only class where students will learn to make chenille color sticks and apply them to a pre-made item, such as a tote, garment, or a quilt sandwich.

4 Hour Workshops


Runaway Stars

Students will learn everything they need to know to make all the quilts in Fun With One Block Quilts in this 4-hour workshop. The Twisty Star Table Runner makes a lovely quick gift or covering for your own table!


Salsa Bag

This class, based on a project from Easy Chenille Appliqué, is a fun opportunity for students to learn the chenille color stick technique while creating a useful and colorful bag.


Doodle your way to better quilting!

In this class, students use Cheryl's best-selling book Doodle Quilting as a guide for exploring quilt motifs and how they work together. We will explore options for continuous line quilting for backgrounds, all-over patterns, borders and more. Once you have these patterns stored in your muscle memory, they will easily transfer to your quilting! This class works best with a break in the middle, and combines perfectly with Domestic Machine Quilting on a consecutive day.


Domestic Machine Quilting

In this beginning machine quilting class, students will learn about all the variables--tension, threads, needles, batting choices, fabrics and tools--that affect the outcome of their project. We will do some warm-up exercises to begin to teach our hands to work together with our machines and actually start stitching on some practice quilt sandwiches. The $10 class fee includes a handout and small quilt sandwiches with different battings for practice.


Full-Day Workshops

(6-7 hours of instruction with an hour lunch break)


Fun With One Block

For this full-day workshop, class organizers can choose from the Twisted Ribbons or Hugs and Kisses patterns from the book Fun With One Block Quilts. Students can expect to leave with a thorough understanding of Y-Block construction and a significant portion of their quilt top finished.


Whole-cloth quilts

Organizer can choose a class based on either the Daisy Bouquet or Pansy Toss quilts, or the Poinsettia Tree Skirt. Students will prepare and mark quilt tops, stitch quilt sandwich and turn right side out. We will also make chenille color sticks and begin applying them to the design. Students will leave with a thorough understanding of the technique and be well on their way to a finished project. Can also be done over 2 days with shorter sessions and more time for homework!


Multiple Day Workshops


Mixed Technique quilts

A workshop can be tailored to the wishes of your group. We will piece, mark, assemble the quilt sandwich, make and apply chenille. I will work with an organizer to adapt any of the pieced quilts from Easy Chenille Appliqué, or I can work with other special requests with enough notice.



Trunk Show & Tell

Every quilt has a story. In the hour-long trunk show you’ll hear about how I came to invent the chenille color stick technique and  the inspiration for my other 4 books. My hope is to inspire quilters to be who they are and follow their dreams. Sometimes they come true!


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