Welcome to cheryl rose creations, home of quilt designer Cheryl Malkowski. Around here, we like to have as much fun as possible, so we quilt. Most of the designs are based on "what if's", "why not's" and "I should've done that sooner" concepts. Our hope is that our designs will get you thinking and send you on your own quilting adventure.


Rose Quartz BOM

Circular Fascination

Riviera Star

Finally! My new book takes you through the next steps after learning the motifs in my original Doodle Quilting book. This book builds on that information, with more Travellers, more Boomerangs, and more Ensembles, with designs for specific blocks, sashings, borders and more! Just what you need to give your quilting that extra punch!












So, you say you can't draw? That you're not artistic? In Doodle Quilting, Cheryl not only shows you how to draw common quilting motifs, she explains what goes on inside her head when she's drawing them. Scary thought? Yes. But it seems to really help a lot of quilters.


Learn how a motif is drawn, how it behaves and likely candidates for mixing into ensembles for a lovely, overall effect.




Check out my new book, Doodle Quilting Mania!

Episode #104

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